About us

77 Auto Parts, is known for its experienced counter staff, professionally trained to find the parts you need! With our fleet of drivers across the G.T.A., if what you require isn't in stock, we can get it and get it FAST! Our staff are experienced trained auto parts professionals who understand that you need the part and you need it yesterday! Our staff pride themselves on both their courtesy and professionalism; they enjoy helping our customers get what they need. Whether it's top quality OEM parts or aftermarket parts, we strive to bring them to you at the best prices around.

Our History

Our Origin

We decided to open a store to serve the public, garages, industrial, and construction companies that service their vehicles. 25 years have passed and and we have a wholesale / retail store. We are now in our third generation.

77 Auto Parts started 25 years ago. My father-in-law had a truck and went selling around the province but we eventually decided to open a wholesale / retail location. Our customer base has grown considerably and we are very knowledgeable about the automotive parts industry hence are well known within the community.

My beginning

I decided to own my own business because I truly enjoyed the challenges brought forth daily and the outcome from all my work and efforts. Over the years, the details in the automotive industry have changed and the competition has grown greater. However, 77 Auto Parts strives to maintain our status as the best in the industry as the industry continuously evolves.



Over 60 years in the business!

77 Auto Parts is a wholesaler of domestic and imported automotive parts with a wide range of performance automotive parts. We're going into our third generation!

Our commitment.

77 Auto Parts is committed to being honest and upfront with its customers while minimizing the inconvenience that can accompany buying auto parts while searching for the best product / deal. We will always go the extra mile to find the parts needed for whatever application you specify.

We love it when business runs smoothly. It is important to me that my family and our excellent team of employees are well supported. If we are all healthy and the business is succeeding,  customers will refer more happy customers. We all succeed!

Our Advantages

Customer Service

We provide consistent help for customers in locating the parts they need. We will phone around to find whatever they need if we don't have it on hand. During your visit, our helpful staff provides a friendly and family atmosphere.


As well as selling to the public, we sell automotive part to repair shops, fleets of trucks, industrial shops and do-it-yourselfers. There is a huge array of inventory and if we don't have it in stock, we'll find it for you.


We constantly increase our inventory to the most updated applications for new vehicles and new technology.